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13th.Three Kings Cup
Pezinok, January 6th, 2012

2nd round of Winter League, 2011/2012, region West

Date: 6.1.2012

Centre: Pezinok – clubhouse near amphitheatre, see map

Event classification: open competition in orienteering run with defined order

                                      of control points, sprint length

Categories: M, W –10, M, W –14, M, W –18, M, W 19–, M, W 45–, OPEN, RD children

Start: opened starting time - anytime between 11:00 -12:00

           children: 12:00

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00 in the event centre

                         children: anytime until 11:45

Distances: centrum- start 1200 m, marked with blue ribbons

Punching system: Sportident, can be rented for 2€, penalty in case of loss or damage 30€

Map: “Cajloch” 1:5 000 , E 2 m, updated January 2012, author Vladislav Piják, format A4, in plastic wrap for all categories

Terrain: flat, rough open land mixed with habitation area

Course architect: Vladislav Piják

Event director: Pavol Poláček

Prize giving ceremony: cca 13:00 hod

Course lengths: M, W –10                                  1450 m, 10 m

                              M, W –14, W 45-, OPEN            1 900 m, 10 m

                              W 19 - , M –18, W –18, M 45–   2800 m, 14 m

                              M 19–                                       3850 m, 17,5 m


The clubhouse and its court will be available for competitors, including indoor toliet.

There is no reduction of traffic during the competition so please be careful when crossing any road.

Crossing of any frozen water-area and any fence is forbidden.

Map of the competition consists of 2 parts.

Competitors start on their on risk and are responsible for their suitable insurance. Organizers will not take any responsibility for any potential damages, not even to the third party!

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